REVIEW: Hydro Flask Insulated Stainless Steel Wide Mouth Water Bottle and Beer Growler


Quick facts

  • Double wall vacuum insulation keeps beer and water cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 6 hours
  • Premium grade 18/8 Stainless Steel BPA free Water Bottle and Beer Growler
  • Colorful powder-coated matte finish exterior that never sweats
  • Lifetime Warranty

Fast review

The Hydro Flask Insulated Stainless Steel Wide Mouth Water Bottle and Beer Growler is a fantastic growler for taking to the great outdoors with you. It comes in bright colors, which makes finding it in dim light much easier, and has plenty of bells and whistles to make this one of the best beer growlers for camping on the market.

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The Hydro Flask Insulated Stainless Steel Wide Mouth Water Bottle and Beer Growler has a lot going for it that makes it one of the best beer growlers for camping, fishing and hiking.

The dual insulation keeps liquids cold for 24 hours, which is perfect for when you’re schlepping through the woods trying to find a place to pitch a tent. The last thing you want to do is get somewhere perfect and then have to drink warm craft beer.

The Hydro Flask growler weighs 1.8lbs, which is slightly less than’s go to camping beer growler, the Miir Stanless Steel Insulated Growler Bottle  (read the review for that here). This is a positive, as anything that weighs less is far easier to lug around the wilderness, but the 0.2lbs isn’t a game changer for us.

Unlike the Miir effort, the Hydro Flask doesn’t come stamped with the government verbiage needed to rock up to any beer growler filling station in the land, so you’ll need a sticker like this if you want to get this over the Miir.

The bottle comes with a screw top. Some people say these let out carbonation more than flip tops, but we at disagree – if the construction is robust, as it is with the Hydro Flask, then the lid will be fine.

The main issue with do have with non-flip tops is they’re so easy to lose!

At a little under US$50, its cheaper than the Miir beer growler, but we prefer the Miir, if only for the lid.

Get it here.

REVIEW: MiiR Stainless Steel Insulated Growler Bottle, 64-Ounce

Quick Facts

  • Double insulated
  • Weight: 2lbs
  • Can keep beer cold for 24 hours
  • One of best camping growlers on market
  • Proceeds go towards good causes

Fast Review

The Miir Stanless Steel Insulated Growler Bottle is not just any homebrew glass or craft beer growler. This is’s go-to growler for outdoor pursuits like camping or fishing. It is reliable, lightweight and keeps your beer cool – the ultimate refreshment after a long day’s walking.



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The Miir Stanless Steel Insulated Growler Bottle  is one of the most functionally useful growlers on the market today, combining a robust design while keeping the weight down in order to make this one of the strongest contenders for your ‘fancy’ growler choice.

At 2lbs unfilled, it is one of the lighter growlers you can buy. It doesn’t come with the bells and whistles of some other stainless steel growlers, but that makes it feel much more rugged and less delicate – essential for when you’re pushing through a forrest trying to find a good clearing for your tent.

The growler is double walled, meaning no condensation on the outside of your container and that means it won’t get your beer all skunked if you leave it out in the sun (within a reasonable time anyway. We’d suggest a max of an hour in direct sunlight.)

The lid is a clamp-style system, which Miir says keeps cold things cold for more than a day and hot things hot for more than eight hours.  Remember, you’ll want to take this thing camping so a brew of coffee first thing in the morning after drinking four pints of beer might be a good shout.

That being said, we at prefer screw lids. Yes, they are more fiddly and have an annoying habit of getting lost, but we find they tend to keep carbonation where it should be – in your beer. Not everyone agrees, but that’s out experience from years of beer growler experience.

The growler is stamped at the bottom with the government verbiage, so you don’t need to buy a sticker to get it filled up legally in some states.

It comes in black, silver and baby (sky?) blue.

As an added perk, the company gives some of its proceeds to a good cause. In its own words:

“Miir invests proceeds from every growler to provide one person in need with access to clean water. To prove their impact they include a coded bracelet that unveils GPS coordinates and photos of the well project you help build.”

We highly recommend this growler. It’s not a day-to-day one, but its robust design makes it absolutely perfect for taking your craft beer or real ale with you outdoors.

It’s around US$50 on Amazon now depending on the color you want, which for something of this build, seems cheap at twice the price.

Get it here.

REVIEW: Stone Brewing Co. Swing Top 2 Liter Beer Growler

Quick facts

  • Made of glass
  • 2 litre (67oz) capacity
  • Comes with government spiel – no stickers needed
  • Classic old-timey growler look

Fast review

The official Stone Brewing Co. Swing Top 2 liter beer growler  ticks a lot of boxes. It is on the larger size, though at around 10 inches tall will still fit under a tap if it’s tilted. It has the government verbiage printed on it, meaning you can walk into any US growler-friendly bar right out the box. It has a classic old-time look that harks back to memories of warm summers and boozy nights.



Full Review

This growler is a real peach. It’s big 2 liter size means you can cram a decent amount of craft beer in there, making it perfect to have for a solid weekend session or BBQ.

The circular handle is wide enough to get a good grip in the neck – something that some manufacturers seem to forget is important despite these things typically weighing the same as a small sedan by the time they’re full.

Like all glass growlers, this one comes in at the heavy side at just over 8lbs empty, so you’ll be glad you can wrap your fingers around this growler’s throat properly.

The cap is made up of ceramic and rubber. We like these almost as much as screw tops, but feel that your precious craft beer bubbles will be better preserved if you get a screw top over a flip cap. But this can be safely ignored if you’re planning on buying your craft beer and drinking it within the next few days as it really won’t make too much of a difference.

The benefit of a flip cap over a screw is, of course, you won’t lose the flip cap. Depends how much you trust yourself to put things back where they belong after you’ve drunk 2 liters of 8% beer.  (We don’t trust ourselves one bit).

Real ale would find a good place in this growler, as it there would be no worries about carbonation wearing off.

Stone Brewing Co. have gone back to the old days with the design of this growler, and it has a very pleasing aesthetic that reminds us of warm summer days and relaxing with friends at picnics. It won’t get huge gasps like some of the other more fancy growlers available to buy now, but it comes with its own sense of self assured confidence in design. This is not a beer growler that needs the bell and whistles.

At US$23.99, we’d say this is well worth investing in.

One important notice: this same growler is available on Amazon for US$23.99 and US$75, so make sure you click this link to go through to the right one.

That is, unless you like paying fifty bucks more than you need to?

Here’s the link for the US$23.99 one again, just to be sure.


REVIEW: Asobu Coolest Stainless Steel Beer Growler 2 Go

Quick facts

  • Stainless steel
  • Single walled
  • 64oz
  • Weighs a chunky 15.2oz
  • Cheap and cheerful feel


Fast review

This stainless steel container is a cheap and cheerful beer growler for sale that is a step up from a brown glass bottle and looks kinda-interesting, but left us wishing we had a better quality growler in our hands.



Full Review

This stainless steel 64 ounce beer growler from Asobu is a mixed blessing. At the price, it is cheap enough for someone to take their first punt into the world of the best practice for their craft beers, but at the same time, we’re worried it is such a flimsy design that it might put someone off beer growlers full time if they do buy one.

The construction is functional, though there are reports of it leaking around the web. We did not see any evidence of that in our trial run, so take that info however you will.

In fairness to the company behind it, they do say in their marketing speil that it is good for the ‘novice beer drinker’ which is not a stance most beer growler manufacturers take – they want their creations to go to craft beer and real ale connoisseurs.

It is easy to clean, with a lid that feel robust enough that it won’t snap off after a few uses.

The Asobu 64oz comes in three colours; copper, midnight black and stainless steel.


That’s all it’s really got going for it, in terms of looks. You can pick up cannon ball shaped growlers and steampunk mini-keg growlers. This just doesn’t have the razamatazz to compete on looks.

Where it does come into its own is price. At under US$25, it’s one of the cheapest beer growlers out there.

Have you bought an Asobu? Do you absolutely love it? Let us know below.


Top 5 things you need to know before buying a Beer Growler

By Sarah McD from Portland, OR, USA (Double Mountain Growler) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Taking the plunge and getting your first Beer Growler can be a big step. You know it will make your craft beer or real ale taste infinitely better, and you know it will have the ‘Wow’ factor when you bring it out at tailgates, BBQs or around the campfire.

So we’ve compiled the top 5 things you need to look out for when buying a new beer growler.


1 Pick a size, any size

The difference in size (and weight) between different types of beer growlers is significant – from the humble 2.6 ouncer right up to a 128 ounce monster from someone like DrinkTank (pictured) that can keep a party going long into the night.

Things to consider when it comes to size include where you will store it – will it go in your fridge or a cool box? Maybe best to get a smaller version.

Will you have to carry it far? Maybe opting for something a little lighter might be the best idea.


2. Ceramic, glass or stainless steel?

As well as being an extra consideration when it comes to weight (glass is generally heaviest, stainless steel lightest), the type of material you pick should correlate to what you’re planning on putting in it.

Stainless steel generally works the best at keeping things cool, so is a natural fit for your favorite craft beer, while glass is the least effective at keeping the heat away so an ale works well.

There is also a range of aesthetics when it comes to the different materials, from the awesome steampunk look of steel to the eye-popping cannon ball capabilities of a ceramic beer growler.


3. Surely I can’t just rock up to a bar with my growler and ask them to fill it?

Well, yes and no. Turn up at your local TGI Friday’s and ask them to top you up a road-beer and you’ll be quickly escorted off the premises. However, microbreweries are almost always happy to have someone turn up with a beer growler.

Uri Tours ( [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

This is for two reasons – firstly, it shows they are selling their craft beer or real ale to a someone who knows the value of a proper container for their drinks.

Secondly, it means the microbrewer doesn’t have to pay for brown glass bottles that eat into their bottom line and just go into our landfills.

This is a great way to become buddies with your local microbreweries – and take it from us, this means you’ll be one of the first to get the call when they brew up something special.

In the US, many states require by law that a beer growler is marked as an alcohol container. Most Beer Growler manufacturers do not etch this into their finely crafted designs, but as a consumer, you can find small, discrete stickers on Amazon for a few bucks to slap on the underside of your growler so it complies with the law.

We recommend doing this even if you live in one of the states that don’t require it – you never know when that road trip will take you to.

4. Do I need the fancy gadgets?

You can get Beer Growlers nowadays that are specially insulated, have built in Co2 taps to increase carbonation, and are magically engineered to prevent foaming – but do you need it?

It depends on how much you want to pay, and what you will be using it for.

You can get the uKeg 64oz stainless steel growler that comes with a nifty tap and Co2 element as well as an awesome steampunk aesthetic, but if you don’t want to cough up US$139 for it then it’s not the one for you.

As mentioned in the review on this site, the extra gizmos are also only really a benefit if you’re going to be filling it with fizzy craft beer, as real ales will benefit little from the built in Co2 injection.


5. Can’t I just buy glass bottles? They’ve done me well enough until now!

Sure you can, but you won’t be able to experience the unique feats that come with owning your own beer growler.

  • They vastly improve the quality and durability of stored beer – no more warm flat nonsense at BBQs!
  • They will almost certainly start a conversation as 99/100 look amazing
  • They don’t harm the earth because they are reusable
  • They are a one off purchase, so once you’ve spent once, you don’t ever have to buy another one again

REVIEW: Ceramic Stoneware Weatherworn Cannonball Beer Growler

Quick facts

  • Ceramic and stoneware growler
  • Weight: 3.5lbs
  • Size: 64oz
  • It looks like a cannonball!


Fast review

The Terracotta Republic 64oz ceramic and stoneware growler is one of the most standout beer growlers on the market. Prepare to be the centre of conversation when you whip this awesome beast out on a fishing trip or camping.



Full Review

Before we can go into any specs, we have to get something out of the way – just look at this cannonball shaped beer growler beauty!

Now that’s out of our systems, lets talk about the important things. The Terracotta Republic 64oz growler is made of ceramic, which is a nice balance between stainless steel and glass in keeping your brew cold, just as the best tasting beer is meant to be.

The makers are big on proclaiming it as ‘American Made’ if that is important to you.

The lid fastening uses a ball-cam lever with an offset axis of rotation that the makers claim converts circular motion into a downward linear force. When the lever is rotated into the socket on top of the cap, it presses the cap firmly down against an extra thick FDA approved silicone gasket, making an air-tight seal.

That all sounds might fancy, but we had to know – does it work?

The answer is a resounding yes.

You can trust this growler to keep your beer carbonated and cool.

The aesthetics of this beer growler almost speak for themselves. It really is as cool as it looks. Pouring your pals a beer out of it is certain to get a cheer and plenty of questions. You will feel like a pirate pouring you favorite beer from it, and that is a moment of wonder that can rarely be duplicated elsewhere in adult life.

At 3.5lbs empty, it is a nice weight that isn’t so light it feels flimsy, while it isn’t so heavy you need a backpack to get it to the BBQ. It will also fit nicely in a fridge or coolbag.

Grab it on Amazon now for US$69.

REVIEW: Euro Growler 2 Liter Growler with Metal Handle – Amber

Quick facts

  • Glass growler
  • Two litre
  • Shipping weight: 4.8lbs


Fast Review

The Euro Growler 2 liter growler with metal handle is a big, chunky growler. It’s the sort of thing you can imagine having XXX printed across the front of it as someone sits and drinks it on their rocking chair. That being said, it is at the cheaper end of the price scale, though you have to measure up whether you are happy with a glass container.



Full Review

Euro Growler’s two litre bad boy will give even the most hardy beer drinker biceps of steel once this thing is filled up. It’s up to you to decide if that’s a good thing – for us we thought it was cool as hell.

This growler comes in at the low-tech end of the spectrum, hence the lower price, but it still has plenty of features that set this apart from drinking beer from a regular brown bottle or – blurgh! – a can.

The cap is made of ceramic with a rubber stopper, encased in metal. This gives it a good solid feel that can sometimes get missed when producers go down the only-metal route.

The metal handle is sturdy, despite the weight of the full item, so pouring it is not an issue.

Standing at around a foot tall and made from thick glass means this growler is not one for the fridge, and good luck finding a cooler to fit it.

Glass is worse at keeping beer cold than other materials like stainless steel, so we would recommend this as one for the real ale drinkers out there.

Get it Amazon now for US$32.99




REVIEW: uKeg 64 Stainless Steel Pressurized Beer Growler for Craft Beer

Quick facts

  • Stainless steel beer growler
  • Built in Co2 gauge
  • 64 ounces
  • Weight: 4.2lbs unfilled


Fast review

The uKeg 64 stainless steel pressurized growler from Portland, OR’s GrowlerWerks is a solid entry into the world of beer growlers. The stainless steel construction keeps beer fresh for longer. It’s a bit on the pricey side, but the design is super-sleek and has a steampunk quality to it that is reminiscent of old-style beer distilleries. Pull this out at a tailgate and watch your buddies’ jaws hit the floor.


Full Review

GrowlerWerk’s 64 ounce creation has many things going for it. The design comes with a built in tap and Co2 meter, so you can always tell if you’re using the right pressure to make your beer pour perfectly.

This does mean you’ll need to pick up some Co2 cartridges, which run at around $8 for 10 on Amazon. A cartridge will last you for an entire growler fill up, and are well worth the extra price.

The Co2 addition on this growler makes it much more suited to craft beer than real ales, which are meant to be drunk flat. You can set the Co2 output to zero, but that seems to us to be using the growler in a way it wasn’t intended, and there are better options out there for your real ale.

The size of it makes it a good fit for the fridge too.

The cap is easy to fasten and overall the growler is simple to clean – despite its fiddly looking parts like the tap and Co2 meter.

The container is not the heaviest in the world, clocking in at just 4.2lbs empty. You can decide whether this is a good thing or not, but for us it felt a little bit on the light side and a touch flimsy.

Repeated use suggests it is a sturdy construction, but as with all beer growlers, all it takes is for someone to be a few Craft-strength beers in and yank the lid too hard and your beautiful luxury is reduced to a fancy pot.

The aesthetic is one of the most attractive we have seen. It has a cool steampunk feel to it that is reminiscent of old-style beer breweries. There is no doubt that if you pulled this out around a campfire or at a tailgate, you would be the centre of attention.

You can pick it up at Amazon now for US$139. Pick one up here:



Have you tried the uKeg 64? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below.