REVIEW: PROKEG – Stainless Steel Beer Growler 64oz 2L Flip Top

Quick Facts:

  • Stainless steel
  • Single insulated – so keep in the fridge
  • Flip top
  • 1.2lbs shipping weight


Fast Review:

The PROKEG – Stainless Steel Beer Growler 64oz is certainly on the cheap and cheerful end of the growler spectrum. But if you don’t mind keeping it in the fridge, this might be the perfect container for your craft beer.


Full Review:

This cheap beer growler probably won’t win any awards here at, but it is capable of keeping your draught beer safe until you want to drink it and at a fraction of the cost of some of the more expensive growlers on the market.

The single insulation is our problem with this growler, as it exposes your precious craft beer to greater fluctuations in temperature, meaning you will end up with skunked warm beer if you leave it sitting in the sun for any length of time.

If you’re planning on taking your growler somewhere far from a hand refrigerator, check out our super handy guide to the best beer growlers for camping.

The things the PROKEG growler does have going for it are the flip top, which we at are fans of over screw tops because they’re harder to lose  (though we find freshness of beer to be roughly the same regardless which top you use).


The other big upside is that this is a cheap beer growler, no doubt about it. Coming in at under US$20 means this is a nice entry into the world of beer growlers (come on in, the beer tastes delicious!) or it could make a perfect cheap beer growler gift for someone you like, but don’t like enough to splash out a hundred bucks on.

In conclusion, we can say this beer growler will do the job it’s meant to do, though very little more. Do not get this is you’re planning on taking your growler camping, fishing or anything outdoors-y. You’ll just end up with rank beer.