REVIEW: Personalized Amber Beer Growler

Quick Facts

  • Personalised for free
  • Cheap and (sort of) cheerful
  • External screw cap
  • 64oz

Fast Review

This budget beer growler feels cheap, no doubt about it, but it does have the added advantage of being free to personalise with two lines of whatever you want – making it a good cheap beer growler gift for groomsmen and the like.


Full Review

The Personalized Amber Beer Growler looks and feels cheap. This is not necessarily a negative. Sure, it doesn’t come with the bells and whistles of other growlers, or even a cool shape, and the handle is a bit too small to get a full fastball grip on it, but at US$19, what more can you expect.

Well, more than an external screw cap, but that’s just us. The cap on this won’t keep in carbonation, so your beer will go flat quickly, if it retains any fizz at all.

The glass also leaves your craft beer or real ale open to being skunked.

That being said this is only a US$19 beer growler, making it very much a budget growler that can be used as a groomsman gift.

The company behind the growler even personalises up to two lines for free.

But if you want this for any reason other than a cheap, easy and manly gift, we can’t honestly recommend it.