REVIEW: Asobu Coolest Stainless Steel Beer Growler 2 Go

Quick facts

  • Stainless steel
  • Single walled
  • 64oz
  • Weighs a chunky 15.2oz
  • Cheap and cheerful feel


Fast review

This stainless steel container is a cheap and cheerful beer growler for sale that is a step up from a brown glass bottle and looks kinda-interesting, but left us wishing we had a better quality growler in our hands.



Full Review

This stainless steel 64 ounce beer growler from Asobu is a mixed blessing. At the price, it is cheap enough for someone to take their first punt into the world of the best practice for their craft beers, but at the same time, we’re worried it is such a flimsy design that it might put someone off beer growlers full time if they do buy one.

The construction is functional, though there are reports of it leaking around the web. We did not see any evidence of that in our trial run, so take that info however you will.

In fairness to the company behind it, they do say in their marketing speil that it is good for the ‘novice beer drinker’ which is not a stance most beer growler manufacturers take – they want their creations to go to craft beer and real ale connoisseurs.

It is easy to clean, with a lid that feel robust enough that it won’t snap off after a few uses.

The Asobu 64oz comes in three colours; copper, midnight black and stainless steel.


That’s all it’s really got going for it, in terms of looks. You can pick up cannon ball shaped growlers and steampunk mini-keg growlers. This just doesn’t have the razamatazz to compete on looks.

Where it does come into its own is price. At under US$25, it’s one of the cheapest beer growlers out there.

Have you bought an Asobu? Do you absolutely love it? Let us know below.