Four best ways to keep your beer growler clean

What is the best way to clean a beer growler?

The Stella Artois glasses are being packed away, the champagne flutes are being carefully washed up, the wine glasses are clinking as they are stacked.

So what the hell do you do with your big beer growler?

Like everything, it needs to be cleaned. But don’t panic, as it’s an easy process that can take no time at all.

1.Put that bad boy on ice

The best thing you can do for your Beer Growler is to clean it as soon as it’s empty. Of course, this matches the timing perfectly for when you will have just drunk a beer growler full of high strength real ale, so it doesn’t always happen.

Don’t worry. Whack the beer growler in a coolbox or a fridge. We’re trying to stop the bugs and bacteria breeding in there.


Trust us, you don’t wanna drink this guy

2. Get some heat on it

Now that your head has started to clear and you’re ready to start cleaning up properly, get your beer growler and run it under hot water. The hotter the better.

We know some friends who shrug off the pain of hot water so well it’s like they have asbestos for hands. We are not those people, but if you know someone like that, then get them to hold your beer growler under the hot tap.

Fully rinse your growler out at least twice, though do it more if you can. You’re trying to dislodge any beer remains that are clinging in inside there.


Getting beer out of your growler is one thing, but trying to force sticky soap out is nearly impossible.

If you absolutely must use chemicals (like if the smell is getting a bit funky) then recommends using tablets like these which are designed to wash away easily with warm water and will get rid of any beer residue.

You can always use a cheap growler brush like this one if you want to make sure your beer growler is sparkling. We here at generally use a brush just for good measure, though it isn’t essential.

3. Air dry

Let mother nature do the hard work and leave your beer growler to dry on its own. Don’t blast it with a hairdryer or anything else, that’ll just aggravate the bacteria you’ve worked so hard to get rid of.

Best thing you can do, is balance it upside down against the wall with cushions either side in case it falls. Balance it at an angle so air can get in and out of the neck.  Leave the cap off.

Last thing you want is gross dead air stank the next time you get ready for a refill.


4. Sniff and stare before refilling

Before you whack another round of delicious craft beer or real ale into your beloved beer growler, make sure you sniff around the neck and check for obvious signs of horridness like mould. If mould is present, it’s not the end of the world.

Your growler is made of wipeable surfaces like class, stainless steel or ceramic. A bit of mould will wash right off with scalding hot water. (Get your asbestos-handed friend over again).


And there you have it. Four simple steps to keeping your beer growler clean as a whistle and ready to fill up again with some of your favorite brew.

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